Heyri Gallery, part 2: Artefacts of Korean cuisine

April 29, 2007, 8:56 PM

Jars for fermenting the mother sauces

A massive collection of Korean ceramic fermentation vessels

Gochujang, dwaenjang, soy sauce and several other Koreaen base sauces require fermentation, and these jars were the traditional vessels for the fermentation process. Mr. Lee has a collection of these jars from all over Korea from various places.

Jeju Island fermentation vessels

Jeju Island unglazed fermentation jars

Mr. Lee pointed out these pieces from Jeju Island, where such jars are almost always unglazed earthenware. The effect is somewhat similar to the pottery of Bizen, in Okayama, Japan.

Decorative lid

Lid of a Korean fermentation vessel

Many of these jars are rather austere, because these are primarily functional pieces. But they did often have a prominent place in the grounds of older Korean houses, so sometimes they are a little more elaborately decorated.


Brushwork on a Korean mother sauce fermentation jar 

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