As usual, my stuff didn't arrive on time

The good news is that I finally have the remaining portion of my candy shipment. The bad news is that it wasn't delivered in the morning as was last indicated. I had to wait at home most of the afternoon, and then I did my best to get the cartons out of the way of my neighbors. The weather was hot and all the lifting and hurrying made me very sweaty.

Maggie had asked me to arrange to get a box to her for some Vancouver visitors, and I originally planned to run over to the Eastside for another reason and was going to just bring it to her. With the delayed arrival, I couldn't proceed with my original plan, but I did go and meet her just before she was heading off to another evening job. She even ordered a take-out meal for me from the restaurant they had been visiting just beforehand, so I drove down to the Kirkland waterfront and ate a bit as the sun was setting on the shore of Lake Washington.

In spite of a relative lack of productivity this week, I tend to feel pretty exhasted at the end of the day. If I'm awake later than 11 pm tonight, I'll be surprised. I wonder how much energy the petty frustrations of logistics will sap from me...