Drug addicts steal cheap stereo

May 29, 2004, 7:50 PM

Some days don't start out so well.

I was awakened this morning by my neighbor, who noted that my car window was smashed.

Apparently, someone decided it was worth breaking my window and ripping up the air conditioner panel and bezel for the prospect of maybe $25 they could get for my cheap aftermarket CD player. I had a Panasonic 50 Watt x 4 CD player which played WMA- and MP3-encoded CDs installed in my Camry back in November. It was an impulsive decision that alleviated some frustration after I missed a trip to Korea. It wasn't the fanciest model but not the cheapest either.

Normally I take out the head unit's detachable faceplate when leaving my car in the driveway at night. For some reason, I didn't think about it yesterday... after returning from some errands in the afternoon, I assumed I'd be going back out in the early evening.

I spent the evening unpacking ceramics and writing web code instead, and never made it out. I slept around 1:30 at night. My apartment is actually close enough to my parking spot that it might have been possible to hear the noise of broken glass, but I didn't.

After reporting the damage to the police and calling up my insurance company, I cleaned most of the glass off of the driver's seat and headed to a glass shop in south Seattle. I was able to get the window replaced today, but I'll have to wait until Monday or Tuesday to talk to someone about the stereo. I still have the factory-installed cassette player/stereo unit, but it sounds like insurance will cover the replacement of the stereo and structural repairs.

I can't imagine anyone who knows about car stereos would have considered mine worth stealing, but they did pop the trunk and decided that my ceramics tools and a pair of gloves weren't interesting. I guess it was probably just a drug addict who decided he could get some pocket change toward his next fix.

Driver's window
Driver's Window

Driver's seat
Driver's Seat

Facing the music
Facing the music

Missing stereo
Missing stereo