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re: Spicy nagaimo (ma) with gochujang

Do you prepare the nagaimo raw?


re: Spicy nagaimo (ma) with gochujang

Yes, almost always raw unless it's a component in a cooked dish.

This preparation was raw. You may want to use gloves while peeling the nagaimo as some people's skin is sensitive to something in nagaimo's skin.

When I've cooked nagaimo, it was in a dengaku-style dish, sliced, broiled, topped with miso, and broiled again. Also, it's an important component of real okonomiyaki, in which the nagaimo will be grated and incorporated into the okonomiyaki batter.


Nagaimo with umezu

Umezu , or Japanese apricot vinegar, is a byproduct of umeboshi production. It’s salty and sour, with