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re: Besan roti

recipe for that roti?  it looks fab!


re: Besan roti

The roti was pretty much 1 cup flour (all-purpose in my case, or else the partially-whole-wheat atta), 1 cup besan flour, and about 2 tablespoons ghee, and enough warm water to make the dough slightly moister than dry. (I used a Japanese rice measure for the cup rather than a full size US measure, so all of these are approximate.)

That dough gets kneaded a bit, rested for at least a half hour in plastic wrap, and bench cut into pieces small enough to fit into my pan when rolled out. I dusted a bit of flour on my counter and rolled out the individual balls, cooking them as they were ready. As noted, I brushed each side with oil after the first side had cooked, and they're cooked until puffy and cooked-through.


re: Besan roti

India food is delicious.

I love Punjabi food the most out of all Indian deserts.

It tastes very good especially the desserts. :) :)

Happy Halloween :]  



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