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A life in flux. Soon to be immigrant to Japan. Recently migrated this blog from another platform after many years of neglect (about March 6, 2017). Sorry for the styling and functionality potholes; I am working on cleaning things up and making it usable again.

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re: The dangers of hiding for a week

Fried yucca root???!! I have no idea what it tastes like!


re: The dangers of hiding for a week

I believe you mean yuca, not yucca (which is noramlly not eaten), right?

Probably the last time I had yuca was in the costa rican rain forest. These aboriginal people took us to one of their huts, and they gave us grilled yuca, potato, and plantain (with meat for the meat eaters) in a banana leaf. I felt kind of starchy.


re: The dangers of hiding for a week

There's a fair amount of inconsistency in the spelling of yuca when referring to it as a root... I've seen a lot of menus where the spanish name is "yuca" and the translation says "yucca root." The supermarket spelled it "yucca root." I suppose "yuca" is a better normative spelling since it's far less ambiguous. But maybe I should just say cassava root, and avoid spelling confusion altogether.

In any event, I prepare them like french fries... blanched at 250F/125C until soft, then I raise the heat to 375F/190C and fry until crispy and golden. I toss them with salt and maybe other spices, and maybe a squeeze of lime. They have a slightly different flavor than other potatoes, but are similarly starchy, if not more so.

Grilled sounds lik


Mustard greens and manouri cheese ravioli

After a run of Japanese food, I started craving pastas and breads again. Somehow an urge to do something