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About Jason Truesdell : Pursuing My Passions

About Pursuing My Passions

Pursuing My Passions is a document of one person's journey building his life around what he's most passionate about. Sometimes it's about food, sometimes it's about business, sometimes it's about getting out of the country, and sometimes it's about the things you have to do to make all that possible.

About Jason

Jason Truesdell runs a small-scale import business focusing on fabulously high quality Asian crafts and food. A good portion of that business is a web-based retail project, YuzuMura.com.

Jason is passionate about great food, travel, and contemporary artisanal ceramics. He usually tries to reclaim his soul by leaving the country at least twice a year.

He's also fascinated by nifty shiny gadgets, and can be bribed into writing code for them or finding ways to make them work for Japan. His day job currently involves hacking out code for a small conglomerate in Seattle called Meridian Group of Companies. He's previously worked at a luxury travel company called Virtuoso, and for the real estate-focused community site, Zillow.com, in addition to a long tenure at Microsoft.

For PR People

The best way to reach Jason is via email. Click the link above.

Pursuing My Passions does not customarily do conventional product or restaurant reviews, however, if you are interested in sending brochures, product samples, review copies of books, or other items, please contact Jason via the email link above. If your items are discussed on Pursuing My Passions, they will reflect the experience and opinions of this blog's contributor(s). Pursuing My Passions provides no guarantees of coverage, nor of the tone or nature of any postings that mention products. Products will be returned upon request if return shipping is provided by the sender. If the item or service is discussed on this blog, the entry will disclose how we received the product.


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